Tuesday, 19 February 2008

What a weekend!

I may have mentioned in a previous entry that was invited to my friend Mark's coming home party this weekend down in Crawley (quite a way south of London, England for those of you who don't know.) Another friend of mine, Nat, was going too and said she would pick me up on her way from Enfield so that was one less thing to wory about. Nat has NO sense of direction, so instead of arriving at 6:30 like we were planning we arrived at 8, and nly then with help from Mark's sister, oh well! We were still among the earliest to arrive, only the other Disney people and Mark's boyfriend, James, was there apart from the residents of the house. By the time every one had arrived there were Mark's school friends, neighbours, ex-workmates and people from the drama group that Mark and his sister Jo go to. It was one of the best partys I have been to in this country, it was like being back at Disney in the Commons againwithout the insane Norwiegans pushing eah other into the pond or Melissa throwing up over everyone. At one point there was a group of people singing 80's kareoke in the living room, a group in the garden dancing to 60's and 70's music, a group sitting on the stairs just chilling and a group in the kitchen singing songs from Wicked and Avenue Q (guess where I was ;)) The good thing was every group had a good mix of people from all the different places in it, everyone was talking to everyone... it was just like the international parties in the Commons, you found something to talk about and ran with it. As people went home and it got too cold to be outside the 80's kaeoke turned into a Disney sing-a-long and every one ended up in the living room.

The last of the people who weren't staying left and the rest of us sat talking, catching up on gossip from Florida and trying to explain the bizzarreness of it to James, Jo, Adam and Ollie (we didn't manage it!) until an hour where most sane people were getting up before we went to sleep Good times!

Just a quick picture of the Disney crew, starting at bottom left and working round clockwise ending middle front. Jenna, Beth, Hayley, Nat, Me, Laura (who is Hayley's sister ) and Mark. Laura isn't actually a Disney, she worked at that other place in Orlando , you know, the one with a globe as a logo... BLAH! She is interviewing for Disney soon though and she spent a lot of her free time in Disney with us, so she is forgiven.
When we finally resurfaced on Sunday Mark made late brunch while we watched Hook, then we all departed to go home/ where ever. Beth and I travelled up to Clapham Junction toether and gossiped about how happy we are that Mark and James lasted the year he was away because we love them both to bits. Beth had to find a train to Southhampton and I headed down to Carshalton to event #2
Get to Belle's and decide the floor is the best option for sitting. Then off to Victoria Station for sushi paid for by Ngaire (thank you Mum!) Sushi good, I would eat in that place every day I really could... I also met Rachel for the first time, she's really sweet.
A really good weekend, shame it had to end really.

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