Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Building the foundations of a Log Cabin

I have photos of the beginning of my Log Cabin.
The first one was a bit of an experiment and used up some of the ends of balls I had from my Lizard Ridge.

I liked the way it came out so I decided that I would make more to use up the bits of Kureyon that I have around, they are almost certainly going to be a blanket but, as I change my mind more often that a prostitue takes her knickers off, that is very much subject to change.

The second one, again using up some ends, then moving on to a ball of a colourway that I have 3 of (170 for those who have enquiring minds) and decided to use as I have no intention of having 3 of the same colourway in my L.R., 2 is a push.

What? I didn't say they were good pictures did I? And yes, they are square, honestly! I just haven't blocked them or anything so they look a bit wonky.
This is the square I'm working on now, the rest of the ball of 170 and going on to 164 which I also have 3 of for some reason.

Yes, it's very bright, I just couldn't get my camera to work with me last night. You also get to see my fabulous 4 pairs for £1 plastic needles in this picture. They maybe cheap plastic, and come in some interesting colours (the 5mm I am using are more of a mid blue than the bright blue that they appear to be here,) but they work and if I break them when traveling about I don't have to worry!

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