Friday, 29 February 2008


Nothing's being done, I'm not being lazy, I'm ill. It feels like my throat and lungs are on fire.

I'm going back to bed now.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

For those who would like to know...

I have a new blog about working for Disney Cruise Lines . Not much there for now, but it may interest you when I start work there. The address is I'll link it in the side bar too, just in case.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

What a weekend!

I may have mentioned in a previous entry that was invited to my friend Mark's coming home party this weekend down in Crawley (quite a way south of London, England for those of you who don't know.) Another friend of mine, Nat, was going too and said she would pick me up on her way from Enfield so that was one less thing to wory about. Nat has NO sense of direction, so instead of arriving at 6:30 like we were planning we arrived at 8, and nly then with help from Mark's sister, oh well! We were still among the earliest to arrive, only the other Disney people and Mark's boyfriend, James, was there apart from the residents of the house. By the time every one had arrived there were Mark's school friends, neighbours, ex-workmates and people from the drama group that Mark and his sister Jo go to. It was one of the best partys I have been to in this country, it was like being back at Disney in the Commons againwithout the insane Norwiegans pushing eah other into the pond or Melissa throwing up over everyone. At one point there was a group of people singing 80's kareoke in the living room, a group in the garden dancing to 60's and 70's music, a group sitting on the stairs just chilling and a group in the kitchen singing songs from Wicked and Avenue Q (guess where I was ;)) The good thing was every group had a good mix of people from all the different places in it, everyone was talking to everyone... it was just like the international parties in the Commons, you found something to talk about and ran with it. As people went home and it got too cold to be outside the 80's kaeoke turned into a Disney sing-a-long and every one ended up in the living room.

The last of the people who weren't staying left and the rest of us sat talking, catching up on gossip from Florida and trying to explain the bizzarreness of it to James, Jo, Adam and Ollie (we didn't manage it!) until an hour where most sane people were getting up before we went to sleep Good times!

Just a quick picture of the Disney crew, starting at bottom left and working round clockwise ending middle front. Jenna, Beth, Hayley, Nat, Me, Laura (who is Hayley's sister ) and Mark. Laura isn't actually a Disney, she worked at that other place in Orlando , you know, the one with a globe as a logo... BLAH! She is interviewing for Disney soon though and she spent a lot of her free time in Disney with us, so she is forgiven.
When we finally resurfaced on Sunday Mark made late brunch while we watched Hook, then we all departed to go home/ where ever. Beth and I travelled up to Clapham Junction toether and gossiped about how happy we are that Mark and James lasted the year he was away because we love them both to bits. Beth had to find a train to Southhampton and I headed down to Carshalton to event #2
Get to Belle's and decide the floor is the best option for sitting. Then off to Victoria Station for sushi paid for by Ngaire (thank you Mum!) Sushi good, I would eat in that place every day I really could... I also met Rachel for the first time, she's really sweet.
A really good weekend, shame it had to end really.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Does that come with an English translation?

Ok, I'm 31 and I still live with my parents, it works as a base between contracts working in the U.S. I also don't drive for medical reasons and busses around here are like politicians apologising, don't happen often and are always too late to do any good. I just thought I'd get that out of the way for anyone reading this who doesn't know me personally and finds the set up a little strange.

Anyway, I'm trying to sort out plans for this weekend; I have a Disney reunion/ Marky Marks coming home party to go to on Saturday and a totally non-assosiated with the Disney lot friend's birthday dinner to go to on Sunday. 's journey planner is totally messing me about and I'm not in a good mood, so I ask dad if there would be a problem with me coming back, so getting a lift from the station, on Monday rather than Sunday as it means I can get more wool that I need for my Lizard Ridge (see? This is about knitting!) and don't have to drag my sleeping-bag etc up to the resurant so don't have to find somewhere out of the way to put it while we eat. I know full well that Belle and family have no problem with my staying there if I want. No, it won't be possible because (and this is a direct quote I swear) "the thing has to go to the thing that was called... whatsit.... over by that place where whats-he-called used to work. Mother is going to whatsit to pick up the stuff from thingy and we have a meeting in the evening" I sit and try to prosess this for a minute or two and repeat it back. "Yes" Says mother "You know where we mean, whatsit down by that road." I just smile sweetly and nod, I think it's easier and dad will probably explain what he was on about later.

A bit later on I'm trying to sort out with Nat where she is going to pick me up tomorrow and I'm trying to think of a good place to meet her. Mother helpfully(?) pipes up "Why don't you go to buh buh bing?" Again, try to work out what is being said to me, again I fail.. "Buh buh bing? where is that?" I get told not to be difficult and that I know perfectly well where she means. I look at dad who just shrugs his shoulders, he has no idea what she is on about either. It takes us half an hour to find out that Buh buh bing is our local Sainsburys.

I swear the pair of them are totally losing the plot!

I've not done much knitting today, but will add pictures on Sunday, you may even get to see my friends.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Busy Non-Knitting Day

Thursdays are not a good day to get on with anything so I've not got a lot done today. The half done square is now finished and the next cast on but that is about it.

(I'm impressed, this is the nearest to the real colours I've got in a photo so far!)

I've found a couple of other colourways I can use up in the Log Cabin as I don't want them in my Lizard Ridge. At this rate I am going to have more f the L.C. done than the L.R.! Sounds about right for me!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Building the foundations of a Log Cabin

I have photos of the beginning of my Log Cabin.
The first one was a bit of an experiment and used up some of the ends of balls I had from my Lizard Ridge.

I liked the way it came out so I decided that I would make more to use up the bits of Kureyon that I have around, they are almost certainly going to be a blanket but, as I change my mind more often that a prostitue takes her knickers off, that is very much subject to change.

The second one, again using up some ends, then moving on to a ball of a colourway that I have 3 of (170 for those who have enquiring minds) and decided to use as I have no intention of having 3 of the same colourway in my L.R., 2 is a push.

What? I didn't say they were good pictures did I? And yes, they are square, honestly! I just haven't blocked them or anything so they look a bit wonky.
This is the square I'm working on now, the rest of the ball of 170 and going on to 164 which I also have 3 of for some reason.

Yes, it's very bright, I just couldn't get my camera to work with me last night. You also get to see my fabulous 4 pairs for £1 plastic needles in this picture. They maybe cheap plastic, and come in some interesting colours (the 5mm I am using are more of a mid blue than the bright blue that they appear to be here,) but they work and if I break them when traveling about I don't have to worry!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Lizard ridge progress.

The Lizard Ridge is on hold, I need to go to London to get some more colour ways so the whole thing isn't sludgy brown.I was hoping to go on Saturday but I don't know if I'll have time before I'm picked up to go to the Disney reunion/ Mark's welcome home party. I hope so or I'm going to be unbearable for the next week.

Still I can put pretty pictures here of the L.R. WIP.

While I'm waiting to get the wool, I'm making a Log Cabin with the odds and ends from the L.R. and balls of Kureyon that I don't want to use in the L.R. that I have lying around... Photos of that to come.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

An Introduction

I'm new to this blogging business, so be nice to me!

I intend to put all my crafting stuff here so that I don't drive all my non-craft friends mad clogging up other places with it. I don't promise that I'll update often, but I will try. You may get a bit of life outside of my craft stuff as well, but not too much to begin with I promise!

I'm typing to myself right now aren't I? :)