Friday, 15 February 2008

Does that come with an English translation?

Ok, I'm 31 and I still live with my parents, it works as a base between contracts working in the U.S. I also don't drive for medical reasons and busses around here are like politicians apologising, don't happen often and are always too late to do any good. I just thought I'd get that out of the way for anyone reading this who doesn't know me personally and finds the set up a little strange.

Anyway, I'm trying to sort out plans for this weekend; I have a Disney reunion/ Marky Marks coming home party to go to on Saturday and a totally non-assosiated with the Disney lot friend's birthday dinner to go to on Sunday. 's journey planner is totally messing me about and I'm not in a good mood, so I ask dad if there would be a problem with me coming back, so getting a lift from the station, on Monday rather than Sunday as it means I can get more wool that I need for my Lizard Ridge (see? This is about knitting!) and don't have to drag my sleeping-bag etc up to the resurant so don't have to find somewhere out of the way to put it while we eat. I know full well that Belle and family have no problem with my staying there if I want. No, it won't be possible because (and this is a direct quote I swear) "the thing has to go to the thing that was called... whatsit.... over by that place where whats-he-called used to work. Mother is going to whatsit to pick up the stuff from thingy and we have a meeting in the evening" I sit and try to prosess this for a minute or two and repeat it back. "Yes" Says mother "You know where we mean, whatsit down by that road." I just smile sweetly and nod, I think it's easier and dad will probably explain what he was on about later.

A bit later on I'm trying to sort out with Nat where she is going to pick me up tomorrow and I'm trying to think of a good place to meet her. Mother helpfully(?) pipes up "Why don't you go to buh buh bing?" Again, try to work out what is being said to me, again I fail.. "Buh buh bing? where is that?" I get told not to be difficult and that I know perfectly well where she means. I look at dad who just shrugs his shoulders, he has no idea what she is on about either. It takes us half an hour to find out that Buh buh bing is our local Sainsburys.

I swear the pair of them are totally losing the plot!

I've not done much knitting today, but will add pictures on Sunday, you may even get to see my friends.

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Saffity said...

*Falls over laughing* that sounds like a conversation with me on a good day...

It takes me forever to get all the words out and I usually cover the mistakes with "thingy" and "whatsits"

Have fun at the parties and send me some good ebay vibes... I'm hoping to buy a lot of yarn for a dress.

Hope you find some good colourways that don't go all muddy on you.